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Graphic restyling

We will redesign the coordinated digital image of your company, in a coordinated and consistent manner with the brand identity and the coordinated offline image.


Content review

We will thoroughly analyze your website by evaluating the structure and textual content already present and indexed and we will optimize its structure.


Business objectives

We will re-evaluate your company's goals together and work with a multi-channel strategy to achieve them via the website.


Graphic and structural restyling

A website may need a graphic restyling or a structural restyling . In any case it is better to intervene by making the right changes. If your website is a static, obsolete site, not navigable by mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, or no longer reflects the coordinated image of your company, then you must evaluate a graphic restyling . In this case we can intervene on aesthetic aspects (such as fonts, colors, images, eye-catching graphics) and on usability aspects (such as sandwich menu, contact form, call to action, optimization on the various devices ...).

If your site is already a "modern" site (ie a responsive, dynamic site, and with good integration with social networks) but structured in the wrong way, it may not bring concrete results, making you lose new customers every day. In this case, after an in-depth SEO analysis , we can carry out a structural restyling of your website and review its tree, content and optimization by integrating the new project into a Web Marketing strategy.

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When is a website restyling necessary?

Here are the main aspects to take into consideration when deciding if it is appropriate to make a restyling of your website.

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Non-responsive site

If your site is not optimized for mobile use, and therefore does not readjust according to the screen size of the device, then you have a big problem. In fact, since 21 April 2016 Google is penalizing in the search results, obtained from mobile devices, all those sites that do not meet the responsive guidelines . So your site may end up on the last few pages of the search results.

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Difficult to navigate

Pages not reachable from the navigation menu, slow loading, confusing text formatting, forcing the user to go up and down the page to get the information they are looking for, are all factors that make it difficult to navigate your website . A bad browsing experience increases page abandonment rates, causing you to lose a lot of potential customers.

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Flash site

If you commissioned your company website several years ago, your website was most likely developed in Flash . This technology is now obsolete, in fact it is no longer supported by some devices such as IPhone and IPad, it is heavy to load, difficult to manage and update. Furthermore, Flash sites are not SEO friendly at all since their structure is based on images that cannot be read by Google.


The Advantages of Our Restyling

You don't lose your progress

We will always retrieve your web address and work done to date from your existing website.

SEO analysis

We always analyze the positioning in search engines before and after the restyiling, to let you see how many results can be obtained with our basic optimization.

Let's save the Backlinks

Very important external links that bring traffic to your site, we will make sure that they continue to work perfectly.

Dedicated sandbox

You will have a provisional web address where you can view and approve the website before it goes online.

From any supplier

Don't worry in whatever situation you find yourself we can always help you

No Constraint or Penalty

You will not find penalties, clauses or automatic charges. You are always free to choose your supplier and replace us at any time.

Less Offline Time

On average, it takes 2-3 hours to make the new version of your website available online. You will be able to switch from the old site to the new one without wasting more time.

Dedicated assistance

By phone, email, but also on WhatsApp or Skype we will always reply to you in less than 24h.

Are you thinking about a restyling of your website?

We have a lot of experience in Web Design and User Experience. We will put these skills at the service of your project to give new life to your website and make it a truly effective tool for promoting your company.
Unfortunately, even the best website after years becomes obsolete or in any case needs systemic updates, so it is useful to resort to a restyling of the site .
There is a need for a website makeover when you feel that the site is not as fast as you would like and notice that it needs updating and therefore is not up to date with modern designs .
Even the look wants its part and many times the glance of a website is essential to convert a user into a customer.
The cost of the site restyle depends on the type of changes to be made, if there are "only" aesthetic charms, or if you need to radically change some features.
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