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What is a static website ?

A static website uses only HTML without relying on the content, or parts of the content, which is extracted from various databases. This means that each page is built on its own, coded and uploaded individually, no matter who or how the page is reached. A static web page is made up of individual HTML files for each page that are pre-generated and presented to the user through the browser in the same way.

As a basic static web page is made up of elements such as titles, text boxes, tags, images and other multimedia elements, a user can only interact with a static web page through what the HTML elements allow, for example by clicking on links, buttons or filling in forms like the classic subscription form.

They are not as technically complex as a dynamic website, but they are not as versatile and effective when it comes to delivering functionality. Simply put, on a static web page, you'll see the same information, layout, and content every time you visit it, unless someone makes changes to the source code manually.


Advantages of Static Website


Cost Effective

Due to its static nature, the complexity and development time is lower because it does not require the use of programming languages ​​or databases, and therefore its monetary cost is lower.


Very Flexible in Design

Due to its independent nature, each page can have a different layout. You don't need a single layout for multiple types of content, which in dynamic websites are known as templates.


Fast Load Time

Static Web Pages are very fast in load time because it does not involve running complex scripts or scripts, databases or content analysis through template languages.


Maintenance Cost

Static web pages maintenance cost is almost zero.

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