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Customised Web Software

Our web agency has been developing customized web software for companies for years and the following features strengthen its stability: Ease of use, reduction of working times, high stability both via web and off-line, continuous updates and assistance, cost-effectiveness of management , technical advice on dedicated servers or hosting.

All graphic interfaces will be developed by our graphic designers while maintaining maximum usability for the end user.

We are at your disposal for free estimates for web software development.


  • Software scalability
  • Automate repetitive processes
  • Integration with other systems
  • Reduce internal training;
  • Offer personalized services
  • Speed ​​up and optimize your work
  • Quick learning

Cloud based software design

alt text Are you looking for a cloud based software for your company that is safe and fast but you haven't found the right one for you yet?

We at Script Solution have the solution: we create customized cloud software accessible via the Intranet or the Internet.

The development of customized cloud software allows you to create platforms designed according to specific business needs. We leave nothing to chance in terms of information security and integrity with obvious advantages in terms of management speed, ease of use, portability and centrality of information.

We create cloud software for the management of non-fiscal company data, such as, for example, personnel management, project management, order management, external personnel management, assistance ticket management.

Cloud Native software development

alt text More and more for the management of data on the network there is a need for security and reliability of the software used. We at Doozy have a modern approach that involves customer involvement, starting from the early stages of software design and creation, to get to create a product that meets all needs.

Do you need to develop secure cloud software for your company's data and information management?

The Cloud Native development approach consists in adopting self-sufficient development units (containers) and breaking down the functionalities into small elements (microservices). Adopting this approach simplifies the resolution of bugs and issues typical of monolithic applications, improves scalability and facilitates the publication of independent blocks of the cloud application.

SaaS development - Software as a Service

alt text Software as a service, generally delivered via cloud infrastructure, allow you to provide data management and processing products to your customers. The administration of the service can be subject to the payment of a fee and sized to the type of user profile. The Software platforms are scalable, easily integrated with existing processes and software and allow a widespread distribution of the service to all fixed and mobile devices connected to an internet access.

We at Script Solution design and develop SaaS platforms using the main frameworks and the main cloud infrastructures available on the market.

Web Applications (PWA)

alt text We develop Web Applications (web Apps) and Control Panels , with particular attention to the use of applications on mobile devices . The use of Progressive Web App technology applied to these cloud software allows the user to access faster through devices connected to the mobile network .

We also deal with the integration of services via API, a technology that allows easier management of the features and services provided by third parties such as, for example, sending notifications, receiving payments, digital signature, external storage, data transfer, processing, etc. This approach allows the use and coupling of applications developed with existing microservices.

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