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Creating a social page for your business is easy!

alt textYes it is! This does not mean that mistakes cannot be made, unfortunately. Many social networks, starting with Facebook, offer different tools depending on whether the user is an individual or a company, a public figure, a brand. Very often, a company that wants to be present on these platforms accidentally creates a personal profile instead of a business page.

What consequences can this have?

The most immediate:

  • not have access to any type of statistics on what happens in your account, likes, shares, etc.
  • not being able to use advertising tools to push their own content
  • not being able to target one's message on a demographic and / or geographical basis .
  • On Facebook, for example, using a personal profile for a company or a brand is expressly prohibited by the Terms of Use: the profile created could be closed, with the loss of all the activity done up to that moment.


Optimizing business profiles and pages on social media: how?

When your fans share the contents of your company page, those who see them can, as we know, visit it and start following you with a simple click. For this to happen, however, even the "fixed" information content must be optimized and maintained.

Social networks can really put your brand in front of the eyes of a very large audience , not only through advertising campaigns, but also (and this is the best way) with the involvement brought about by spontaneous sharing and with the visits that come from their engines. internal search (in addition to visits brought by Google & similar).

How to convince those who arrive on your company page to follow you?

alt textYou need a social presence that helps you to preside over the chosen platforms, in harmony with each other and with the rest of the corporate or personal branding . We will create your profiles with captivating and curated images and clear and persuasive information: there are several best practices that we can put into practice, to ensure that those who arrive on your social channels have an excellent first impression.

  • We carefully create and prepare the graphics for the covers and the profile , so that they are coordinated with the corporate image and convey your brand in a way that is always legible and consistent with the rest of the communication;
  • We review the contents that will be included in the basic information or we create them from the information you provide us, so that the potential follower is encouraged to follow your updates and has all the necessary elements to get more information, visit your site, contact you directly ;
  • We create all the graphic templates to be used for updates, always harmonized with the branding to maximize recognition and bring out your message among a thousand others.

It is important to always make yourself easily identifiable: on social networks, posts have a very short life : try to think how little time it takes (especially on Facebook and Twitter) for a message to go from being at the top of the screen to being "absorbed" in the flow, together with all the others that are published and that, perhaps, you have not seen ...
We are in the order of minutes .

This, on platforms capable of conveying a message to a potentially huge user base, can really make a difference .

Benefits of the SMO:

  • It can attract traffic to our website quickly. It is common to check the days after SMO actions how the number of visits has increased.
  • The more interesting the information, the easier it will be to disseminate.
  • If you can make the message go viral, the results will improve exponentially.

Why hire Script Solution Social Media Management and Optimization?

Our work methodology is proven and responds effectively to the environment. We all add up by making a great work group.We advise the client so that their investments on the internet offer a positive return in the short, medium or long term, according to the strategic action plan.

What role does communication play in online marketing?

The vast majority of people think that Internet users do not read, and this is not true. According to different international studies as well as our experience, users spend about 20 seconds reading the most important messages. This is why capturing their attention becomes the first step to being able to sell.

What kind of procedures are carried out on social networks?

Our rates allow us to adapt the price of the service to the intensity, so we will energize your channel and apply strategies based on the objectives. The services include the publication of content every day or week, creation of new content, publication of photos and videos, search for new followers, thank you messages, activity report and Monitoring in social networks (online reputation monitoring).


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