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What is Social Media Marketing

alt textSocial Media Marketing is the branch of web marketing that uses social media as a tool to spread its products / services, increase its customers and brand awareness and improve the relationship with customers.

By social media we mean all online platforms, typical of web 2.0 , which allow a high level of interaction between users. Examples of social media are social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) , photo / video sharing platforms (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok etc.).

When carrying out a social media marketing campaign, efforts must be focused on creating content that attracts attention and encourages users to share with their contacts on social networks. Such shared messages will be more effective , as they come from reliable and impartial sources (our friends / contacts on social networks).

Now a Days Social media are platforms that are easily accessible by anyone. Communicating through these tools promotes the spread of the brand and, often, improves customer service . Furthermore, social media are relatively inexpensive platforms for running marketing campaigns.

Management and strategies to make the most of the potential of the social world

Social Media Marketing Actions

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We have the right strategy to follow to maximize the performance of your social channels. How to achieve your goals? (Market Segmentation, Customer Targeting).

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We will study together the best techniques to put into practice to achieve your communication goals with your customers.

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We will review your current social media activity for you by examining every single aspect and analyzing how your company looks in the eyes of social media users.

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We at Web Domus help you achieve your goals and communicate effectively with your audience on social networks to mark new goals.

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We take the right actions for the business. What's the best way to get what you want? (Specific Activities, Creation of an Editorial Calendar).

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You will always be informed and updated; you will always have maximum control over the qualitative changes our experts will bring to your presence on Social Media.


Why social media is important to companies

Social Media Presence

alt textBuild a robust social media presence based on the company, industry and goals to be achieved. Many companies have already activated Social Media Marketing campaigns, and you?

  • 1. Social Media activation and initial configuration (facebook, linkedin, etc.)
  • 2. Corporate blog activation
  • 3. Customization of the website with WEB 2.0 tools
  • 4. Digital PR and Lead Generations

Social Media Visibility

alt textThe advent of social media and technology is rapidly changing the way we communicate on the social web. Knowing how to communicate and be present on social networks is important today, find out how with our services you can start a dialogue with your customers.

  • 1. Visibility and Online Advertising
  • 2. Launch and management of Social Media and Social Network channels
  • 3. Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • 4. Brand Reputation and monitoring

Social Corporate

alt textWe offer services that include not only the set of channels that the company must supervise but also and above all, according to the communication and business objectives, the tones and style that the company will use in the conversation.

  • 1. Project analysis
  • 2. Strategy
  • 3. Consulting and training
  • 4. Content management

Social Brand

alt textCreate knowledge, communication and awareness around the value of the brand. Start talking about yourself.

  • 1. Project analysis
  • 2. Strategy
  • 3. Social Media activation and initial configuration
  • 4. Customization of the website with WEB 2.0 tools
  • 5. Digital PR and Lead Generations
  • 6. Visibility and Online Advertising
  • 7. Social Media Campaigns
  • 8. Brand Reputation and monitoring
  • 9. Content management
  • 10. Community Management

Choice Of Social Media Marketing Platform

For an effective Social Media Marketing strategy, it is necessary to take into account the market in which the company operates and consequently, the social platforms suitable to support and favor that type of business and company objectives.

Below we see together the different social media in relation to the different company activities:

1 . FACEBOOK : is one of the largest social media platforms with 2.1 billion users. Thanks to Facebook you can find the target audience, create engagement from the different groups on Facebook, easily implement real advertising campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Facebook has many branches within it: Facebook Ads, Facebook Places, Facebook Media, Facebook Business Manager, Live Facebook, Facebook connect, Facebook Stories.

Below we will explain them one by one:

  • Facebook Ads: thanks to advertising on Facebook you can reach a conversion rate of 30% higher than other social platforms and allows a decrease in costs per conversion of 50%.
  • Facebook Places: is a Facebook geolocation service that allows you to add the precise information of the place where you are at that particular moment to your Facebook status, allows you to tag yourself and friends and offers an overview of what you have in the proximity to the place indicated.In addition, it is possible to enter all the related information needed by customers: address, business category, hours, descriptions, web references and of course reviews.
  • Facebook media: it is intended above all for those who manage Facebook pages on behalf of celebrities (those so-called fan pages), publishers, organizations and all those topics with a large audience response.
  • Facebook Business Manager: is a free and easy-to-use marketing and marketing tool on Facebook. From its dashboard you can monitor the performance of anything connected to your business on Facebook.
  • Facebook Live:is a new feature that allows its users to perform directly using a smartphone. It is a very powerful tool that promises to be very successful.
  • Facebook Connect: thanks to it it is possible to integrate other external sites or certain sites in which you are interested in Facebook. The meaning is precisely to integrate Facebook with another site or blog, with Twitter, with Instagram, in order to facilitate the connection. In other words, it is a way to have everything under control, continuously updating the statuses and news that you want to share with other users.
  • Facebook Pixel : is a tool that allows you to monitor your Facebook advertising campaigns and verify their effectiveness.
  • Facebook also allows you to create effective advertising campaigns aimed at a small audience. With the Chrome app called Power Editor, you may have created "Dark posts" on Facebook: Facebook allows advertisers to create sponsored posts that do not appear on the user's timeline but are accessible to anyone with a direct link or by clicking on an ad.

    2 . GOOGLE POST : From Google's My Business to activities you can create and manage posts on Google. You can publish texts, events, stories, images, polls and videos to engage your audience and to interact with the users who are looking for you. You have the advantage of adding other people who can represent you and update your information box; you can also publish wherever you are from your phone, tablet and computer through the secure network. Your posts and media will remain visible in Google Search for 7 days and up to 14 days.

    3 .INSTAGRAM: The term Instagram is the union of your different words "instant" and "telegram" (telegram) to indicate the form of instant communication such as a telegram. Instagram is an application that allows you to take and publish photos and videos directly from your smartphone on the platform, to share moments of your life with others. They are a way to share with your followers photos and videos that have a deadline of 24 hours, after which they will be deleted and will no longer be visible. Instagram is very supportive of social web marketing: people post images and videos, tag friends, insert hashtags and click on content shared by other people, making it the social with the highest engagement rate .

    A new novelty of Instagram is the possibility to post a new type of post called "shoppable post" which includes a special tag that connects the objects in the photo directly to the corresponding e-commerce. Instagram is now testing a new "nametags" feature that makes it easier to acquire new followers.

    4 . LINKEDIN : is a free professional social platform (with optional paid services) that allows the publication and dissemination of one's curriculum vitae with the aim of developing and finding potential employers and disseminating content relating to the professional market. LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals in Italy and reached 630 million users worldwide in June 2019. With Linkedin it is possible to manage advertisements (Linkedin ads), run video ad campaigns and measure the number of leads, website views, and other actions taken by video ads.

    5. SNAPCHAT : This is the most popular mobile app among American teenagers. A key feature that allows users on your network to send messages, photos and videos shared up to 24 hours and then deleted.

    6. PINTEREST : is a social network based on the sharing of photos, videos and images. Pinterest allows users to share photos and create collections in which to catalog the images on the web pages based on predefined themes or chosen by them. Marketing activities are possible thanks to Pinterest gives the possibility to create marketing activities thanks to Pinterest ads and buyable pins. There is an increase in subscriptions to its advertising program which reaches + 50%. The curiosity of Pinterest is that around 81% of monthly users are women.

    7. REDDIT : is a social network dedicated to social news in which the community decides what is most relevant. Users can also rate posted content. Reddit is divided into categories that allow you to move between the various topics. Reddit ads allows for marketing activities, however it requires constant monitoring due to the large number of comments received.

    8. TELEGRAM : is a messaging application similar to Whatsapp but with many more features. The presence of the cloud will allow your device not to be affected in terms of memory, since everything will be saved on it. It allows you to chat with your contacts, organizing public and private groups. In addition to being able to send images, videos, audio and GIFs, you will also have the ability to send files the size of a movie.

    9. TUMBLR : is a microblogging and social network platform that offers users the possibility to create a blog with multimedia contents.

    10 . TWITTER : Twitter is a free microblogging platform where users interact with messages called tweets. Tweets are characterized by the presence of the hashtag (the keyword) and can be shared by your followers. Companies can use Tweet Marketing to maintain contact with customers, to promote products and services and to obtain information from customers.

    11 . WHATSAPP : allows all users who use the service to send and receive text messages, voice messages, photos and videos, post stories, share location and contacts quickly and easily. The brand accesses one to one marketing thanks to WhatsApp Business which gives the possibility to make payments.

    12 . DISQUS : Disqus is a comment hosting service for websites and virtual communities that works through an online platform. The platform has several features, including a social networking service, user profiles, moderation and antispam systems, email notifications and mobile comments. Users can start discussions or join existing ones. Through the '' share '' button, users can take the discussion to another social network.

    13 . YOUTUBE : is a platform where users publish medium-long term video blogs.

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