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SEO: patience and work

What is SEO and why it matters

SEO (acronym for Search Engine Optimization) is a web marketing discipline that collects all the techniques aimed at improving positioning and organic visibility (not paid) of a website on search engines.

Statistically, the majority of visits to a website come through searches made on Google, therefore the control of the market and the success of a brand inevitably pass from a serious SEO approach.

Depending on the type of site and the sector, the percentage of visits generated by organic search can vary between 30% (a lower percentage is usually a symptom of serious SEO problems) and about 90%.

In the Digital Age, the web is increasingly used to communicate and to inform oneself about daily choices or to make purchases of goods and services. It is essential for any company that wants to be successful, increase its online presence and be reachable by all its current and future customers via computers or smartphones.
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The most important stages:

How we improve positioning of websites on search engines

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Initial SEO analysis

The "SEO Audit" includes the evaluation of the structure of the site and its content. The goal is to highlight your strengths and weaknesses to lay the foundation for the implementation of the SEO strategy that brings conversions to your website.

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Planning of SEO strategy and objectives

Based on the results that audit on your site, from the analysis of the the competition. We identify the right keywords, the search intent that your target uses the most . All by carefully analyzing the search and traffic volume for each keyword.

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Setup and use of a mix of SEO Tool

Before you start running your campaigns. We determine the right mix of tools your campaign needs and that will help us successfully implement and track your SEO strategy.

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Execution Positioning websites

We execute the customized optimization strategy. Every SEO strategy generally begins with on-page optimization and can also include off-page interventions .

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SEO Content Care

The most relevant on-site SEO strategy. A correct realization of technical, targeted and curated contents will help make our site even more "authoritative". Google and the other search engines will reward us if we show that we are truly "experts" in our subject.

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Link building

One of the most important off-site strategies. The goal of this phase is to strengthen the authority of your site by developing a series of natural links from other authoritative websites or portals. The reputation of your brand also matters from an SEO perspective.


SEO consultancy

The main objective of this work is to improve the positioning of the website on Google and other search engines.

If you think that the web can be a tool to promote yourself… you have to be found on search engines, you have to increase your visibility.

Do you need SEO consultancy, a valid SEO agency?
Anyone who deals with "website positioning"?
We help the Client to design their own web visibility from an SEO point of view from the very beginning , supporting the technological choices, the definition of semantic areas and information architecture, workflows and ongoing management costs.

We communicate directly with the Customer's Design, IT and Communication departments and with any other suppliers (web development agency, content provider, system integrator, consulting agency, translation agency, etc.) providing complete and in-depth guidelines for the design and website development. We also support the team continuously during the design phases (architecture, wireframe, development) and until after the website is published, monitoring its correct crawling and indexing.

How do we improve your online presence and increase your visibility?

On-site SEO (technical SEO)

alt textOur audit analyzes the Client's site from the point of view of the technical optimizations that affect the entire site. The parameters analyzed are more than 200; by way of example we work on: general site and domain configuration, protocols (https), crawlability (ability of the site to be crawled by engine bots), indexability (ability to be indexed), crawl budget optimization (dedicated resources from bots to site crawling), speed and performance, 4xx (e.g. 404) and 5xx (e.g. 500) errors, redirect and redirect chains, content duplication, mobile SEO, information architecture and internal linking strategies, and many other areas.

In addition to providing all the information to the customer and its suppliers, we follow the implementations and provide advice throughout the course of the project. This is also essential to identify work arounds in the event of platform constraints and solutions capable of optimizing IT and development efforts.

Semantic on-page SEO

alt textStarting from the strategic analysis, we create a relational map between topics, keywords and pages to evaluate which pages should be optimized and which should be created new.

For each page we define the structure, content, formatting, layout and obviously all the tags (title, meta description, heading H1, H2, etc.) relevant from an SEO perspective, also for images and videos.

We provide the exact structure to follow for the drafting of the single content and, if the Client requests it, we make it completely autonomous in the operational SEO management, through training workshops with the marketing, communication and IT departments, with the editorial staff and possibly also with content providers.

The on-page optimization activities usually follow an agreed plan depending on the structure of the site and the quantity and complexity of the contents to be optimized.

SEO off-site / trust building

alt textAlthough Google is increasingly sophisticated and continuously experiments with new ways to evaluate the authority of a site, all studies agree in considering references (links) from other sites (off-site) one of the most important parameters for positioning , especially on the most competitive keywords.

We design and carry out trust building strategies (digital PR SEO) aimed at improving the authority and reputation of the Brand , the site and its pages.

We work by paying the utmost attention to obtaining natural and lasting trust, collaborating with quality sites and categorically avoiding spam sites and site networks.

Local SEO

alt textThe Local SEO is a highly effective solution which consists, basically, in the geographic location of a web site. This formula, albeit more targeted and on a smaller scale, allows you to obtain targeted and quality traffic, capable of generating significant conversions.

Basically, the operation is as follows: a user searches for a certain activity in a certain geographical area and the search engine, as a result, will provide data such as, for example, city, address, telephone and e-mail address. Taking advantage of Local SEO is absolutely advantageous and allows you to obtain highly satisfactory results, as, being targeted and limited searches, they have a higher conversion rate than a generic search.

The main objective of Local SEO is to obtain a certain organic visibility in a well-circumscribed and defined geographical area. It is a useful service especially for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, dentists, doctors and B & Bs.

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