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The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) literally translated " optimization for search engines " is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines through "natural" (or "organic") search results, that is not to payment. Search engine optimization ( SEO ) can target different types of searches, including image search, local search, video search, news search. We are a Best Company for SEO.

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The Social Media Optimization , a perfect combination of techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Marketing, makes it possible to create a consistency between the online communications strategies in order to increase site traffic, shares, and get desired conversions.

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Social media has revolutionized the way people interact with brands. Almost no company has remained on the sidelines of the social phenomenon, but with the multiplication of channels, brands are finding it increasingly difficult not to fall into the trap of the generic and the irrelevant.

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The On Page activity is aimed at making the site easily accessible by search engines. Among the On page optimization activities , there are the operations carried out on the HTML code (for example each page must have a unique title that contains the keyword of the page), the insertion of unique and optimized images, the drafting of unique content ( i.e. not duplicated), rich, and relevant i.e. containing key words, and the introduction of internal links.

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Geolocated SEO is a commonly used solution for websites serving an international audience. Websites using this technique send users from various regions or languages ​​to a local version of the page they are trying to access, based on their IP address. Many international brands (including Google itself) rely on geolocation to speak to international audiences in their native language. Geolocation can also be used nationwide at the state or city level.

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Conversion is the percentage of users who performed a targeted action on your site (purchase, sign-up, request, etc.), usually expressed as a percentage. Conversions can be expressed in absolute numbers, but it's a good idea to use percentages to evaluate your site's performance.