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Pay Per Click Campaign

PPC (Pay per click) - What Is It?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the fastest and most measurable way to intercept your target audience and bring it to the website, with immediate results. With a PPC campaign it is possible to make your site appear directly to those who are looking for your product at that moment. SEM specialists identify the words your potential customers use in search engines to search for your service.

Fantastic? That's not all ...

Within minutes of starting the campaign we are able to build an accurate picture based on the data collected and build a strategy to guide you through subsequent campaigns. We have an important goal in common: to obtain the maximum economic return on investment.

If you have concrete and well-defined goals, visibility on search engines is certainly an activity that must be part of your digital strategy .

For this reason, the choice of who will manage your Pay Per Click campaigns on search engines in the different Keyword Advertising circuits will determine the efficiency of your KPIs.

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Why choose Script Solution For PPC Campaign?

You already have active PPC campaigns. You know your KPIs and current costs to achieve them, and believe they can be improved / optimized.

If you have concrete KPIs (traffic, leads, sales), optimizing your budget means increasing your Awareness, your prospects, your sales turnover. The higher the budgets invested, the more savings on conversion costs will raise the bar of goals.

You already have active PPC camps. You know your KPIs but you don't reach them.

There is not necessarily a problem, or rather that there is only one. The analysis to be done is not simply technical on your existing accounts. An optimization of the Customer Journey and a redefinition of the Touch Points and their contents is probably also necessary.

You haven't had any PPC experiences but you have clear goals on the traffic, sales and / or request goals you want to achieve.

We start from the targets and their Customer Journeys to get to define, optimize and / or build the correct content that we want to reach and the experiences that we want to live through search engines with a view to conversions. We therefore define the campaigns, build them and make them evolve over time.

What are the main Search Advertising circuits?

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Yahoo Gemini (for the international market in English)
  • Yandex (Russian market)
  • Baidu (Chinese market)

The most important circuit in the world is that of Google Ads. There are also other circuits that become strategic depending on the target you want to hit or on the geotarget. For example, for the Russian market one cannot ignore Yandex , of which we are Agency , just as in the Chinese market it is important to invest in Baidu .

Clear Goals = Winning Search Advertising

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Having great visibility on Google creates notoriety: a sign of strength. Users use Google and other search engines to get ideas, to get advice, to read opinions, to find solutions. Being visible is strategically relevant in this phase of the Customer Journey in terms of Branding.

display network display network


In the Acquisition phase, the search engine is one of the most used Touch Points. The identification of the need and the evaluation of the solutions of the identified need now almost always pass through the search engine. Google was born to give answers and to offer information, but it is undeniable that today Google has come to create needs, expectations that the market must know and that SEM agencies must interpret to give results.

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Paid Search in the purchasing phase is a very powerful weapon. The processing of the price and the inevitable Internal Buy that leads the user to purchase is increasingly managed through the collection of information on Google. How many times before buying have you tried to find rational reasons for an emotional purchase?


What are your advantages in our management of your PPC AdWords campaigns?

  • High-level campaign management,
  • Complete and in-depth analysis of the market and competitors,
  • Winning copy creation and testing,
  • Tracking and measuring conversions and ROI,
  • Deep and deep research of the keywords of your sector,
  • Tracking sales, contacts and calls,
  • Flexible and customizable reports,
  • Customized strategies for your specific market
  • Advanced geotargeting

Tell us your goal, let's turn it into a success.

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