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SEO On Page: what is it?

To improve your website's search engine rankings, you will need a series of targeted interventions and some on-page SEO techniques. But what does this term mean and what are the aspects that need to be evaluated in order to create an ideal strategy for you and your needs?

When we talk about on-page SEO we mean a whole series of good rules, interventions and techniques that should be used in the development of a website to ensure that it is positioned on the first page on Google. Often, in fact, we tend to be in a hurry to go online, forgetting some very important processes that could compromise the authority of your website.

This is because, as is well known, Google aims to provide its customers with the best results following a search. Its purpose, therefore, is to reward the sites that respond best to certain standards and rules imposed: in general we talk about completeness and quality of content, site structure and user experience, optimization of visual content, optimization of the title tags of the various pages, without forgetting that at the base of this work there is always a search for the keywords for which you want to position the site.


This activity allows you to benefit from many advantages. First of all, implementing an on-page SEO strategy not only increases the authority of the site towards Google, but also in the eyes of your visitors, since it will create excellent quality content, which meets its needs. and structured through a high-level user experience. Furthermore, although this activity is expensive and requires a lot of time for analysis and implementation, once done it will only be necessary to monitor the results and implement, if necessary, changes. In short, on-page SEO must be done, but only once! In the end your website will look much better, with well-organized text and visual content, optimized for both Google and your users, and this will not only enhance the authority of your brand, but increase organic visits. And you know, more visits mean more potential customers, and therefore, more sales.
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We listen to your needs, advising you in the best way to achieve your business goals.

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We believe that working honestly with the customer always pays off in the end. We will never sell you something you don't need.

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After 7 years of SEO consulting and website development, you can rest assured that you will not be dealing with an improvised digital communication agency.

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We build all our sites with the best open source CMS in the world. This allows our customers to manage ALL the content on their websites.

The benefits of on-page SEO optimization

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The first step will be to analyze your site and understand its strengths and those on which it is necessary to intervene. In this phase, we will also develop a keyword research strategy that will be useful for identifying the strongest keywords, which we will use for content creation and to optimize the title tags of your pages.

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As the industry says, Content is the king, meaning nothing is as important as the content on your website. Based on your needs, the target you want to address and our SEO analysis we will produce the best content for your portal.

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One of the most important SEO parameters. In fact, this text is not only what appears in the SERP of search engines, but also one of the first things that Google analyzes. This is why it is important that the contents are optimized to the best, both for the user and for Big G.

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Using photos and videos on a website certainly improves the browsing experience. But it is good that these are SEO optimized, so as to improve the stay time of visitors without slowing down the site or penalizing it. Obviously, we will also take care of this aspect.

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Tags and categories are essential to structure the site in the best way, but it is also important to create an intuitive navigation menu and paths for users studied in detail. We will improve the user experience of your site to make it clear to both Google and your visitors. Finally, we will also check the browsing speed and optimization for mobile devices.

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Speed ​​loading optimization

Speed ​​loading optimization is no secret that no one likes when a website takes too long and there is no access to the most important information in an instant. This is one of the most important factors in which pages are ranked in search engines, we prioritize speed as one of the most important stages of optimization.

How does the internal optimization process work in our company?

When ordering this type of service, there are two ways to manage the internal page architecture:

Code and content optimization is done by our team

alt textOur team performs SEO audits, and when a client is granted access to site administration and server files, we perform internal code and content optimization. We are able to work with such Content Management Systems as WordPress, Joomla, CMS Made Simple and Prestashop.

When managing clients' websites, we always take into account the latest SEO standards, standards that are constantly changing. We believe that such work requires flexibility and the ability to improve, so we support our activities with these values.

Code optimization is performed by client programmers

If the client's content management system is "custom", in other words, redesigned in its own way and little is known to us, after the SEO audit we create an SEO work plan and entrust the code optimization work to the client programmers.

In this version of the ordered services, according to the list compiled by us, the programmers appointed by you perform the work, and we periodically consult them and check the quality of the work performed.

After complete code and speed optimization work, we perform content optimization for search engine robots and visitors.

Internal optimization for the website - the main steps

The most popular internal website optimization works we perform are the following:

Speed ​​loading optimization is no secret that no one likes when a website takes too long and there is no access to the most important information in an instant. We will make sure that customers see your content clearly and quickly when they visit your page. Because, this is one of the most important factors in which pages are ranked in search engines, we prioritize speed as one of the most important stages of optimization.

Code Optimization - The website must also be properly programmed. Due to the wrong architecture, "holes" often appear in the content, in other words, blank pages without content that the search engine sees and indexes as part of the site. While this may not be important because customers don't see those obvious programming errors, it can be the reason your positions are in decline. Internal optimization will correct these types of errors and you can be sure that this part of the site is properly designed.

Onpage Factor Optimization - This includes considering how keywords predominate in your content. According to the latest SEO standards, they must prevail clearly and visibly for both customers and search engine robots. We manage the content of the website based on the activities of each client and the keywords that best suit them. These should be included in the text headings, not only directly, but also using synonyms, in the page links and reflected in the post itself. Of course, this does not mean that there should be too many of them in the content. Overwhelming your keywords and trying to get artificial traffic to your site can not only penalize you, but put you in an even worse position than before. It is essential to use keywords wisely, with a clear strategy if your goal is to improve the performance of the site.

Usability and user experience (UX) optimization - this step takes into account the convenience and design of the page. Think about whether it would be nice to read messy, compressed text with images that are too small or too stretched? Probably not. Website design and usability for a variety of devices is no less important than the product or service in your company’s directory or the keyword-rich text in order to sell them. Since 2015 The Google search engine has integrated an algorithm that penalizes websites that are not properly adapted for mobile phones. As it is obvious that the number of mobile device users will only grow in the future, this must also be a priority when doing internal optimization of the website.

Content Optimization - The content on your page must be neat. Post texts must have appropriate headings and subheadings with keywords. The media on the pages (pictures, videos, audio files) must be clearly marked and visible to visitors. Meta information or descriptions that are visible when a query is submitted through a search engine can also be very important. It is also worth mentioning that content optimization involves the analysis of competitors. Taking them into account also helps shape an internal optimization strategy, or direction in which to improve the content on the site.

Conversion and commercial factor optimization is the main goal of a page, no doubt to sell. Sell ​​services better than your competitors can. At this stage, we perform a click-through-rate calculation to find out the ranking that shows how many site visitors are taking meaningful action on your site. This could be, signing up, leaving your email or subscribing to a newsletter. In the world of online marketing, a high CTR rating means successful advertising. Thus, in order to increase sales, it is necessary to optimize and properly target your marketing campaign in terms of commercial factors.

Crawl budget or indexing budget optimization Not many people know this, but a Google crawler, for example, can only perform a certain number of scans for each site in a given amount of time. Let’s say your site is scanned 30 times a day, or about 900 times a month. This means that your page's "budget" is about 900 scans per month. Experience shows that you should not expect all the content of the website to be indexed and visible at once, it is necessary to design the internal architecture of the website so that the expression systems can easily read it. Crawl budget optimization is especially relevant for e-mail. for store owners, as the products on the site can make up over 1000 internal pages, but not all of them will be visible to the robot. Our goal is to fix the errors on the page, create more content or link it if necessary, in order toto make all pages visible. Of course, to consistently maintain high positions requires constant maintenance of your site, updating of content, and creating more of it.

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