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Logo Design Service

Script Solution will create a professional, modern and impeccable logo design service provider for you that will look great and communicate with your customers. Our professionalism is matched by a volatile artistic imagination and flexible prices.

When creating your logo, we will take into account the company's goals and market, target audience and competitors. We will create a logo that is flexible to be used in a variety of situations and formats. We can adapt and adapt our graphic design work for use in both print and online.

A good logo or brand is a very important representative element of a company that raises a professional and credible image of the company. A strong logo is a very important part of a company’s business to stand out from the competition and be recognized and familiar to customers. It is said that the first impression is the most important, so we will try to make your logo unique and memorable. Script Solution - professional logo creation in Lucknow, India.


The logo creation process

The creation of a logo at first glance might seem simple: in reality what you see on the outside, that is the finished product, is the result of a series of specific activities of professionals in the sector.

Each creative has its own specific procedure, also because there is no definitive process and slavishly adopted by all professionals. Creativity also manifests itself in the design approach (in our opinion). What we can do here, then, is to tell you about our way of approaching the design of a new logo.

The first fundamental step is to start with a detailed analysis of the company and its brand, searching within its brand equity for all the information that can “inspire” and guide creativity. Often vision , mission , values and brand promise contain a lot of valuable information in the eyes of designers.

The second step is to start a specific research in the reference sector, in order to understand and visualize what any competitors have already achieved, and then to expand the research in other contingent sectors. The purpose is twofold: to avoid creativity already used and to start collecting material for subsequent creative elaborations.

The analysis is completed with a look at any successful and unsuccessful cases. Last but not least , it winks at the trends and graphic fashions of the moment. In this way the general picture is complete: you can start the real creative process, with the first sketches of the designed logo.

Give yourself a gift, give value to your business!

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