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What is local SEO?

Local SEO is the optimization of the presence on search engines at a local level . The purpose of a correct Local SEO activity is to increase the visibility of a local activity for users who are looking for products or services in that specific area and promote your company website.

From experience, we can say that a lot of businesses either don’t pay enough attention to Google’s location, or don’t have their footprint on the most popular online map at all.

This leads to lost customer traffic and untapped opportunities. After all, when searching for information, especially related to a location, customers first get it through Google search engine.

According to Google, almost 46 percent. searches are local in nature. Who knows, maybe you’re located closest, offering the best services, but the person won’t see you because unlike your competitors, you’ve not done local SEO optimization?

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Why We

Why choose Script Solution For Local SEO?

We have more than 7 years of work in the SEO industry and it is safe to say that Best local SEO is one of our strongest areas of activity.

Our goal is to ensure that you appear in the top positions on both PCs and mobile devices in your location. Your location, social signals, can become a great marketing tool to increase the profitability of your business.


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Great visibility in the local market

Great visibility in the local market is the essence of local SEO, optimizing your business for a specific niche.

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Higher Search Engine Rankings

No matter what business you are in, when users search for certain services, the company will be listed in a separate section above the regular search engine. This is how Google selects the most appropriate services for people.

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More calls from potential customers

Customers will see the number - more chances to call.

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More seeing you and coming to you

If a person sees that you are located near their home, workplace, they are more likely to visit you.

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Higher sales

It is natural that more customers will mean more sales for the company.

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Loyal customer traffic

If people stay pleasantly surprised by the services you provide, you can expect success in the long run.

Which companies are suitable for?

On-site SEO (technical SEO)

alt textLocal SEO optimization is a very simple thing, it is assigning your company to a certain location and to a certain type of services, which will help to notice the person looking for you.

Better visibility is an elementary marketing strategy that benefits every business, whether or not you have an active online business.

If you make the tastiest kebabs in town, wouldn’t it be better for people to come to taste them just by seeing the address online? There is no need for a website here, the most important data, photos from the area and public ratings are enough.

The following businesses may be most useful:

  • Catering (cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs)
  • Accommodation (hotels, hostels, campsites)
  • For beauty services companies (massage, manicure, hairdressers)
  • For lawyers
  • For construction companies
  • For car repair shops
  • For specialized offline stores
  • For turnkey companies
  • For transport companies

How do you know if this platform will benefit your business?

alt textLIf you want to find out if your business will really benefit, enter a few key keywords to help your customers search for you. If you see 3 map results before a regular search result, this will be the first signal that local SEO will benefit your business..

For example, after entering "hairdresser" the local SEO results are displayed immediately after the paid Google Ads ads, above the organic results.

What ranking factors prevail in the platform?

Local search results on Google are based on 3 main factors: relevance , distance, and relevance . According to them, the most suitable results are selected for people.

The Google search engine decides for itself which result best matches a user's query, so it is not necessary to offer only the closest company. ”Google determines the closest match based on these 3 factors.


Matching - takes into account the companies that provide the most similar services to the user's request. The more information about the company will be added, the easier it will be for the search engine to understand what is appropriate and what is not.


Here, the distance of the company from the requesting user is taken into account. If the user does not specify a distance to search, Google automatically calculates it based on information provided by businesses and the user's predictable location.

Significance (Prominence)

Google uses a so-called local ranking system to determine significance. This is an attempt to determine how well the company is familiar to consumers. Some businesses such as well-known store brands, historic sites, hotels may have more meaning outside the online space, so the search engine tries to reflect this when calculating materiality. Significance is based on the information Google has about your business across the web (such as links, articles, and directories).

What local SEO work can we do?

Optimization for mobile devices . According to Google data, almost 57 percent. Searches are conducted on mobile devices and this number of users should only grow in the future. Naturally, those browsing the phone will want to turn more to the company whose website or business is reflected in the mobile search.

Keyword Analysis- We are able to perform accurate and comprehensive keyword audits - a way to find out exactly what your potential customers are looking for.

When you type in a keyword, say "pizza," people will see the nearest pizzerias, and just below the usual text search results.

alt textWe see restaurant results based on distance from your location, ratings, address, and possible restaurant accommodations.

Searching for places to eat just by Google is rapidly gaining popularity in our country as well, however, you often have to search in a language other than English.

This is because this system has not yet been fully translated into English. It is currently recommended to use phrases such as "near me", "open 24/7", etc.

This way, the systems will understand what kind of restaurants you are looking for and how to display the results.

We can also do the following local SEO work:

Perform a competitor analysis - It's no secret that you won't be ranked high once you add a business to Google. In order to reach the heights, you need to do a thorough analysis of your competitors, ie find out how your competitors are portrayed to consumers. After doing it, the top 10 (first page of Google) is visible - the most relevant results.

Adding a location to map platforms(Google Maps, Bing Places. Apple Maps) is the most important part of local SEO. In this case, all contact information, location, categorization of the business, etc. are attached. In this case, basic information for search engines is compiled.

Add working hours / address / photos / phone / categories / name- if you need to add or update company information, we can arrange these essential business signs.

Add a business or new branch to the map- If you change your address or open a branch in another city, we can also change your home address.

Close / Remove a business from Google Maps- If you close and want to remove a business and its information from search engines, we can do the same.

Add a reviews / ratings section- This section is also very important for not only users to rate your restaurant, but to see for themselves what people think of you. Reviews are one of the most important factors people pay attention to when choosing restaurants. We will implement, and you only have to be the best in your field.

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