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iOS app development

Script Solution proposes itself as a digital partner for the development of your company's iOS apps . The expertise acquired in more than seven years of experience in app development allows us to provide you with a wide range of services and customizations . Our working methodology is based on a continuous interfacing and exchange during the design phase. This is an element that the team will need to best realize your app idea.

IOS App Developers Xamarin

Our team of iOS app developers also work with more modern frameworks like Xamarin . Xamarin is an application platform that allows the creation of cross-platform apps for Android, iOS and Windows through the use of C # and Visual Studio. It is the recommended solution for those who need to create native apps quickly but professionally . The native apps are developed with proprietary code and library and have the advantage of being able to interact with all the features of the various devices. This means that the developer will not need to wait for the various loading and interpretation times of HTML5 based web pages to proceed. Xamarin uses Wrappers (a sort of computer translators) which ensure that code written in C # is translated into Java (for Android) or Objective-C (for iOS) code at the time of compilation.

We offer you the following iO application development services:

  • IPad app development
  • web development for iPad
  • IPhone app development
  • iPhone web development

We are committed to creating specific iOS mobile apps for almost all industries and businesses, including business apps, entertainment apps, financial apps, gaming apps, education apps, online shopping apps, social networking apps, sports apps , travel app and utility app. Our iOS app development solutions are known for attractive user interface, advanced features, high performance, intuitive user interface and high quality.

We know that the first impression is the last impression. That's why we're here to bring you the est app designs for a lasting impression. Our solutions help you increase your engagement with your target audience. With a simple interface, semantically accurate icons, screen-friendly layout, and effortless navigation, we give you an edge in the competitive market at a price that is highly affordable and time-saving.

Offer IPadOs development

We offer a mobile app development service for iPadOs . iPad is the Apple branded product built on the technological foundations of iOS. But over time, the iPad has acquired specific features, which prompted the Cupertino house to dedicate an operating system of its own with specific features to it. IPadOS is still based on the iOS motherboard operating system, but offers additional, product-specific features and functions. It foresees new ways of development such as the ability to work on the application in multiple windows, more information at a glance, and more immediate ways to use Apple Pencil. IPadOs also benefits from all the innovations introduced with in iOS 14, making it the ideal device for developing creative and performing apps .

The development of an iOS application is an element that allows you to strengthen the ecosystem of communication tools of a company by addressing that target that specifically uses Apple devices. The app is complementary to the website, social networks and all other digital platforms provided by the business and guarantees a personalized experience for iOS users.

development of a mobile application is a sign of strong digitization, an essential element to strengthen the online presence and brand image of a company, distinguishing itself from the competition and retaining its customers.


IOS Application Development with Flutter

Our applications are built to meet and integrate seamlessly with Apple's latest software updates . For this we can develop apps for iOS13 . In this way we can guarantee the development of technologies that will allow operation on any device that uses iOS.
We also offer development of iOS applications with Flutter framework . A technology designed by Google for native mobile development . Flutter uses the programming language called Dart , a language that allows you to avoid errors in development thanks to an atomic syntax. Flutter also has a huge variety of widgets , many of which implement the logic of Material Design, the set of development rules for web application user interfaces launched by Google. Implementable widgets belong to two classes: stateless and stateful.
Ultimately, if you decide to develop an app , you must be sure that it will present clear content, which will be usable with ease and able to guarantee immediate interaction between machine and user, as well as having all the required features . For this reason, before moving on to the official release of the app, we at Script Solution will test it on all devices in order to make it perfect even before its debut. If you are looking to the future of your business, choose a competent and experienced digital partner for the development of your iOS app. You will make your team's work easier or interact more easily with your target customers by providing them with a unique platform.
Because we are in an increasingly mobile world where people access online content via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and there are different users of Apple systems .
It is advisable to develop native IOS apps because in this way every company can always be in contact with its users and personalize their experience to the maximum.
The costs of the native iOS app depend on the features and complexities of the same.
Huge from all points of view. With the iOS apps you can send notifications and communications directly to the smartphone of Apple users, interacting with them in real time .
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