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Google Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords - What Is It?

AdWords is the Google advertising program through which it is possible to carry out certain marketing actions. Among the main ones:

  • sale of products
  • brand awareness
  • lead generation
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • traffic increase

The main advantages of using Google Ads are three: the speed in activating a campaign, the possibility of profiling the target in a very deep way and the flexibility related to the fact that this form of advertising is suitable for any type of budget.

Using this tool, it is possible to appear in a few hours with sponsored ads in Google search results (search network), in Google Shopping for searches for products that can be purchased on eCommerce, within mobile apps (campaigns for universal App) , on thematic partner sites of Google (display network), but also on YouTube and in the Gmail network .

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Sponsored ads available in different formats can be directed to a specific target , based on multiple factors (keyword searched, user's language, geolocation, site or page they are browsing, device used, video being viewed on YouTube , etc.).

As if that weren't enough, Google Ads thanks to Remarketing also allows you to re-connect with visitors who leave a site or a landing page without having made a conversion , allowing you to subsequently stimulate the conclusion of abandoned contact or purchase processes.

Google Ads is also a dynamic and flexible tool, which allows you to do advertising in the ways and times most congenial to your needs and investment capacity, establishing a prior spending budget and an activation period.

By virtue of all these advantages, Google Ads is the ideal investment also to be combined with classic SEO activities , both to increase visibility for a wider set of keywords, and in the scouting phase to identify the most profitable keywords in terms of visits, but above all of generated conversions.

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Display Network

Banners published on sites owned by Google and on Partner sites (GDN). Thanks to the Display Network, almost 90% of all online sites are possible.

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It is the second largest search engine in Italy. It enables audience engagement better than any other tool.

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Not everyone knows, but we can send "emails" directly to the inbox of a profiled audience. Open rates as high as 40%.

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Google Shopping

Show the products for sale on with a dedicated tab, present within the Google Merchant portal. Increase product visibility by adding image and description.

Let's create your Perfect Google Campaign together

search network search network

Search Network

Search Ads appear next to Google search results when people search for the products and services you offer. You only pay if users click to visit your website or to call you.

display network display network

Display Ads

Google Ads display ads run on more than two million websites and in more than 650,000 applications to showcase your ad to your potential customers wherever they are.

video ads video ads

Video Ads

Video ads are appear in google search when anyone search for any product and services.

shopping campaigns shopping campaigns

Shopping campaigns

Shopping ads are aimed at online sales and allow you to show product ads (image, price, merchant), showing your ad to users who are already looking for the types of products similar to yours

mobile ads mobile ads

App / Mobile Ads

App ads are an easy way to promote your app to iOS or Android users on Google. App ads are displayed within apps to reach your users even on the move.

remarketing remarketing

Remarketing campaigns

Remarketing is a way to display ads to users who have previously visited your site, making advertising more targeted and interacting only with users who have already shown interest in you.

Why We

Why choose Script Solution For Google Adwords Campaign?

Script Solution , guarantees the creation of effective Google campaigns. From defining the target and budget to measuring the results, Google consultants will accompany you in creating effective campaigns on the web.

Script Solution manages advertising campaigns on the main Google channels, Search (ads in search results), Display (advertising banners), Remarketing (the campaigns that follow you). Together we will identify, based on objectives, targets and budget, the most effective tools to promote your online visibility.

AdWords: Advertising on the computer, on the phone and in the Apps.

In addition to being able to publish on desktop, AdWords allows you to reach mobile and tablet.

We can differentiate the ads by device by choosing the model, the operating system or the operator.

Each device can be preferred with a higher budget or even excluded.

AdWords: Where you want, when you want.

There is the possibility of geographically planning the areas in which we want to appear ads. And also when.

A small company operating locally could advertise their business within a radius of 50Km, in this way the necessary budget is reduced.

Ads can also run only at certain times or days, improving the cost per conversion.

Digital strategy. Open ears!

Google AdWords is integrated into digital strategies related to SEM or SEA activities and covers actions mostly of PPC or KeyWords Advertising.

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