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Facebook Ads - What Is It?

Facebook ads what they are: Facebook ads are nothing more than a social media marketing tool that allow you to reach people interested in your products or services directly on the social network. An effective form of advertising as Facebook is now part of everyone's daily life, on smartphones (especially), PCs and tablets. And a lot of time goes by on the same. Why not take advantage of it with targeted Facebook campaigns?

Investing in Facebook Advertising campaigns means increasing the number of followers and increasing interactions thanks to specific strategies. Our social media marketing experts are ready to get your Facebook business page off the ground. So fasten your seat belts and… let's go!

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Facebook marketing benefits:

  • Real page fans (we will attract the target audience);
  • Raising brand and service brand awareness;
  • Potential customers;
  • Information provided professionally;
  • Growing page audience;
  • SEO benefits.

alt textWe will attract real fans of your product or service who would be interested in your activities and They would be regular visitors to your page.

Offers to buy fans often appear on the market. What does a bought fan mean? A purchased fan is a person who does not know how and why they appeared on your page, they were simply forced to connect. He probably won’t understand why he came to you, will be inactive, or will just leave the page. A bought fan will never give as much benefit as you are interested, attracted and voluntarily like your page.

Potential customers are a group of customers where you need to focus and expand. We will help you create a circle of your new potential customers.

The brand will become well-known to your audience, will be associated with quality and pleasant communication with customers.

We have enough experience in the field of online marketing, so it is guaranteed that the information will be relevant, useful and interesting to your audience.

The growing visibility of the page will help to be even more known, it will attract more visitors, your brand will become memorable for many people.

During 2012-2018, the search engine Google made several major changes (Penguin, Panda), which radically changed the process of popularizing websites. Professional Facebook page marketing reduces website traffic dependence on Google and creates an independent customer database. This means that Google rankings and changes to search engine algorithms will have less of an impact on your business

What business benefits from having a Facebook page?

  • Everyday consumer goods;
  • Clothing;
  • Footwear;
  • Beauty goods and services;
  • Health goods and services;
  • Children's goods;
  • Costume jewelery;
  • Haberdashery;
  • Clothing rental services;
  • Car rental services;
  • Photography services;
  • Gifts;
  • Optical goods.

How to make an advertising campaign

Making great Facebook ads doesn't mean pressing the highlight button or launching a sponsored post with its budget. In short, you cannot improvise, on social advertising you need a solid foundation. Because advertising on this platform works, but you have to invest in Facebook ads at best. This is why it is useful to have good advice on Facebook ads or to rely on professionals with ten years of experience in the sector. In this way you will not make mistakes that could damage the image of your business. Yes, because incorrect Facebook ads are not only a waste of budget but also damage the image of your brand in the eyes of your customers.


How we work

With Script Solution, you will not have any fear of unnecessarily investing money. You tell us your budget, we help you to better understand the logic of Facebook and to optimize each campaign to reach as many contacts as possible.

We do nothing that you do not want, we stick to your needs by putting at your disposal all the competence and professionalism that distinguishes us and that today has allowed us to become leaders in the management of Facebook campaigns.

We show you the results of each advertisement by preparing detailed reports. Our reports are created with care and help you to immediately have an eye on all the most interesting data of your promotion: from the people reached to the number of interactions. This way you can follow our business easily. We make all our work transparent because we do not exclude the customer but rather we want it to be an integral part of the project.

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We identify the shortcomings of your current digital marketing strategy on the Facebook Ads Network.

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We optimize existing digital marketing channels to ensure maximum ROAS.

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We are looking for new profitable audiences, thus increasing the coverage of your Facebook Ads campaign.

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We reduce risk

We connect other digital marketing channels: Google Ads, Instagram, Email. Email Marketing.


When planning advertising on a new channel, an important step in the plan is setting a budget. To calculate how much it is worth spending on advertising on Facebook, you first need to know what results you would expect from advertising on this channel - more sales, inquiries, high audience reach (many ad impressions), etc.? The answers will vary depending on the specifics of your business.

Going back to the example of the catering business, the likely answer would be that the business expects an increase in the number of consumers who come to eat lunch at Facebook advertising. And that would not be a false expectation, but we cannot guarantee this one hundred percent, because the consumer can be affected by many factors that do not depend on the quality of advertising - from seeing the menu and taking an interest to coming to the cafe - drunk weather, late bus, etc. In this case, it would be appropriate to assess the reach of the ad, that is, how many users see the post. That is what would be paid for. If we assume that 20 yesterday saw a post with a photo of the day's lunch, and today, when it was advertised, the number of users who saw it jumped to 100 or 1,000 users, we will probably agree that the advertisement has reached its goal. What do you pay for? We calculate per user,who saw the daily lunch record, the price and can tentatively calculate how much the ad will cost you tomorrow, next week or month. So it is clear that it is best to calculate future investments when we have already accumulated past data.

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