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What is email marketing ?

E-mail Marketing is a tool for sending newsletters in a professional manner. With it, you will be able to control your results by analyzing available reports in real time. You can see how many customers have opened your email, check the recipients with problems, and have other resources that ensure the success of your campaign.

Today, email marketing is one of the most effective communication strategies in all type of business category.

By creating a well-designed web marketing campaign, and structured according to the interests of a specific target, you can get a high percentage of conversions by reading emails.

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Why We

Why choose Script Solution for your email marketing?

For a good direct email marketing strategy, able to bring concrete and visible results, you need to know first of all how to do email marketing .

If you have tried to create a newsletter and create your DEM campaign (perhaps by purchasing a contact database and a plan on some platform for sending your emails) but the results obtained were clearly below your expectations, contact us immediately!

We create and manage your DEM campaign in every aspect and the sending of newsletters, looking for the best solution for a return not only in terms of image but also in sales.


What Script Solution can do for you


Periodic planning and management of the campaign

we select the user target, organize the database and define the frequency of shipments based on the defined objectives.


Content creation

we take care of the design and graphic creation of newsletters, in line with the corporate image. We also take care of the drafting of the texts.


Management of mailings

we select the sending software that can track openings, clicks and readers and we manage the periodic sending of communications.


Monitoring and reporting

we monitor the progress of newsletters and create analytical reports on the number of conversions, clicks and openings.

Below we provide you tips to create the email marketing campaign for your business

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Analysis of your target

Select from your customers the people you want to send emails to. If you don't want to waste money unnecessarily, create the right lists of recipients differentiated by interest. Collect as much information about your customers as possible in order to write email marketing that arouses interest. To differentiate yourself from your competitors you need to know your target and be original.

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Email marketing platforms

For the success of your newsletter campaign , the choice of email management software is not secondary. Choose email marketing platforms that offer the ability to customize your communication based on your goals and the needs of your customers. Among the most productive email marketing platforms are Mailup and Mailchimp .

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Give your customer what they want . So use the right tone of voice and write his name in the incipit of the email. Transmit availability and competence, establish a relationship of trust to build customer loyalty.

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Simple layout

Your email must be simple, clear and relevant. It must not contain too many elements, but on the contrary it must include only the essential information to facilitate the reading of the recipient. So create an email with a user friendly layout .

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Call to action

Calls to action are essential tools. They are short, clearly visible sentences that ask the customer to perform an action in exchange for a service. There are different types of call to action : Click on the link, Fill out the survey, Buy, Download the pdf

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