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Content Marketing - What Is It?

Content marketing is a marketing tool based on the consistent creation and dissemination of valuable content. Content marketing is the foundation of all forms of marketing because its main goal is to attract and retain the target audience. Depending on the form of marketing chosen, content can be both text and photos or videos.

The content you share online is a key element in strengthening the relationship with your current and potential customers, as an audience that trusts you will be more likely to buy your product. With targeted Content Marketing strategies, our Specialists will earn you esteem towards potential customers.

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Why Content Marketing is Importrant ?

Strengthen the Image of Business

Enrich your product with content through strategic content marketing choices and give those who turn to your company much more than a simple commercial offer . Let them participate in your success and they will be incentivized to remain your customers. By strengthening the image of your company, the brand will benefit enormously.

Long-lasting relationship and trust with customers

Offering quality dissemination content that goes beyond the product / service itself will earn you the lasting loyalty of buyers. By involving your users and bringing them to share the benefits and information they have received from you, they will become the testimonials that will help spread your brand name!


Content marketing is very widely used, but we will generally agree with the following digital marketing tools:

Social Network Marketing - Here the content is king. Without interesting and quality content on social networks, there is no way to naturally reach a larger target audience. Videos are one of the most time and financially demanding forms of content, but most valued by Social networks. Videos engage the user and feel sorry for conveying enough information in an extremely short time. Therefore, the natural dissemination of this form of content soc. networks the largest.

Search engine optimization (SEO) - Websites are ranked in search engines according to various criteria, the main purpose of which is to provide the user with the highest quality content that is most relevant to his query. In order to achieve higher positions on the results pages, the website should have quality content that would help the target audience solve the problem - answer the question (keyword phrase) asked in the search engine. The SEO process is most influenced by the textual content that is used both on the optimized website and the SEO articles to expand the link network on external websites.

Public Relations (PR)- Responsible preparation of content, which would not be direct advertising of the company, is very important for image formation. The content should be first and foremost useful to the consumer and only ultimately a reminder of the company itself or its activities. Outsourced items are most commonly used for public relations.

Inbound marketing - In order to naturally attract the target audience to a website, a blog is usually created. Its content is created in an attempt to predict what would be relevant to the target audience.

The types of content we will create for you are many and include :

  • Videos and Photographs;
  • Product images;
  • Graphs and Diagrams;
  • Illustrations and Infographics;
  • Statistical Data and Case Studies;
  • Banners and Catalogs;
  • Blog Posts;
  • Newsletters;
  • Publication of events, curiosities and news on social networks and much more.

Content marketing strategy

The first step is to analyze the specifics of the client’s business. After the analysis, a content marketing strategy is developed, which after implementation will help to attract more traffic from the search engine.

At this stage, a keyword audit and keyword research is performed, including analysis of the content of key competitors and analysis of keywords that attract visitors.

For example, for a dental clinic, we could create content based on the following search queries:

"Put the cheek from the tooth what to do"
"Treatment of periodontitis at home"
"How to deal with computed tomography"
"How to remove swelling from the cheek"

Such keywords are not commercial in nature, their purpose is to provide answers to potential customer questions. However, the answer to the question can be used to show your expertise, tell you about your proposed solution to the problem, or convert the visitor into your lead generation system so that you can later display Google remarketing, Facebook retargeting, or email. letters.


Scheduling and content calendar

After analysis, our team creates a content development calendar that must be approved by the client. The amount of content per month depends on the plan chosen by the customer.

If your project requires more than 10 posts per month for content marketing, we create a separate plan by agreement.

Content creation

The main part of content marketing is content creation.

Depending on the need of the project, we can create the following records: infographics, bad type posts, product review posts, content for Google TOP posts, informational posts, online instructions, survey type posts.

Each customer has a unique need, so the strategy is unique to each customer.

For example, a business providing dental services would benefit from information-type and problem-solving records, and an interior shop e-shop would benefit from video and visual sample-type records.

Content optimization

The content created will not only be optimized for search engines, we will provide the necessary Meta Title and Meta Descriptions to be used. We will also create internal links.

Optimized content will help your project get more traffic from Google.

Content promotion

New content can be displayed not only to search engine visitors, but also by taking active steps to publish to the target audience. Our specialists will help identify the right audience to actively show new content to.

Content analytics

Each customer is reported on the performance of new content by measuring traffic and conversion rates.

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How Much Does The Content Cost?

The more complex and long it takes to create content, the more valuable it is.

Texts are usually priced per word or a fixed amount for the entire text. Depending on the purpose and quality of the text, the price can fluctuate very significantly. The cheapest content is SEO articles that do not require much time and knowledge to create. The most expensive are commissioned articles, part of the value of which may be their publication on news portals.

Photos are usually priced at fixed amounts per photo session. The price of this content usually depends on the photographer’s hourly rate and the equipment used.

Video is usually also priced at fixed amounts for the final product. The price of this content usually depends on the length of the video and the hourly rate of the specialist.

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