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Bulk SMS Marketing

Over 10 million contacts from certified and verified databases of mobile telephone operators with express authorization to receive advertising communications and advertising services in corporate via SMS in full compliance with current regulations.

What is Bulk SMS Marketing ?

SMS Marketing is a promotional activity that consists in sending text messages of up to 160 characters that a company delivers to its customers to inform them about its offers / products.

It is a particularly popular service for wishing customers a happy birthday, for example, and reserving a discount or promotion. Otherwise, if you are organizing an event in your store you can send the message to communicate directly with your target, perhaps by inserting in the text a link to your website or to a landing page created ad hoc which describes all the details of the event.

For SMS it is really important that the message starts with in the name of the contact, this to make reading the message more palatable.

Send personalized sms marketing campaigns at the right time. With a promotional sms marketing campaign you will be able to build loyalty and communicate with your customers wherever they are, by sending massive text messages to their mobile phones.

sms marketing

SMS | Smart Marketing Spot by Script Solution

Script Solution is the Best SMS service Provider in India. More and more companies use SMS to interact and communicate with their customers. In India alone, 3.9 billion SMS mobile marketing and services were sent in 2019. SMS is direct, instant, personal and has very high read rates. In fact, SMS is the simplest, most immediate and widespread service: over 90% of those who have a mobile phone use SMS.

  • Simplicity: Create your SMS campaigns even from your smartphone simply.
  • Savings: The cost of an SMS sent starts at only 0.15 paisa.
  • Tariff transparency: For each sending, only the cost of the individual messages chosen is charged.
  • Versatility: There is no limit to the number of SMS that can be sent or to the quantity of sending.
  • Control: The SMS sending system provides powerful SMS flow control tools.
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