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If you need a partner for the development of the Android app you're in the right place. Our Android developers are ready to create the app that best suits your needs! Only in this way will you be able to keep up with innovation and, at the same time, grow your business. Our working methodology in the development of Android applications provides a continuous coaching in the design phase, a phase that will be necessary to best realize your idea. Our projects, in fact, always follow a preliminary analysis that precedes the actual development. A phase in which we will take note of all your requests so as to offer you the most suitable and functional technology for your needs.

After a market analysis and some tests, we will proceed with the actual app development . All this work is done to ensure the creation of original and innovative applications capable of giving concrete benefits to your business. In short, we offer experience and expertise gained in the field of android application development , putting it at the service of your projects, following you from the embryonic stage up to the after-release assistance.

The development work on Android can be carried out by various web agencies. But imagine making your Android app the way you imagined it, in the finest detail. A work of personalization that not all realities can guarantee, especially those who limit themselves to doing the work, mostly disinterested in updating their professional skills. Our passion, on the other hand, leads us day after day to continually update ourselves on the “tools of the trade”, to explore new horizons. A momentum that allows us to provide each customer with a cutting-edge service in app development . In this way we can provide every business with the technology it deserves.

Why Choose Us

The Script Solution team is able to guarantee you the development of native apps, i.e. apps written in the language of the platform on which they will be used. As you well know, each operating system has its own specific programming language. We, we all know them.

• 100% privacy of information and data

• 24/7 support and access by Android experts

• Customer-centric approach and engaging mobile experience

• In-depth research and analysis to understand app requirements

• Robust and scalable applications with flexible engagement models

• Follow international quality guidelines and standards

• Timing delivery of final Android apps

• The best Android solutions at affordable prices

• Use of proven methodologies

• Virus-free and smart mobile apps

Native Android applications

Our native applications are made specifically for Android. This allows for a better speed of response of the technology, greater reliability, and a better speed of execution. Don't forget that only native applications have push notifications. That is, those notifications that appear superimposed on the user's screen. This also happens when the screen is locked, unless the user has locked them on purpose.

We also take care of the development of the so-called hybrid apps , that is written in a cross platform language . The advantages linked to the latter are numerous as they allow to reduce development times and contain investments.

App development for Android 10

Script Solution can guarantee you the development of Android apps optimized for Android 10 , that is, capable of interacting and exploiting the full potential of the update. Android 10 is the tenth release as well as the seventeenth version of the Android mobile operating system that provides new solutions and additional features . The version was released on September 3, 2019. In short, Android development has had a sudden evolution. This was determined by a very fast diffusion of the operating system that led it to become the most used software in the world.

Mobile Application Development with Flutter

Our proposal also includes mobile app development with Flutter. The latter is a high-tech framework that allows you to create native apps for Android starting from a single codebase. Ideal for those who need a framework that is not only feature rich but above all fast. Furthermore, thanks to the Hot Reload plugin, developers have the immediate possibility to observe the changes on the device, streamlining the development work. Flutter also enjoys customizable widgetsand numerous additional plugins. But the most interesting aspect of Flutter is that it enjoys shorter application development cycles. In this way, the mobile application development process is faster and simplified. A speed that does not, however, affect the quality of the work.

We help you choose the best technologies, processes and strategies for your android app according to your business objectives.

In addition, we offer app analytics services to keep the app alive on the stores and optimize returns on investment.We develop both consumer and enterprise native applications for Android platforms.

Look to the future of your business and choose a competent digital partner in mobile application development . In this way, you will make the work of your business team easier or you will reach your customers more easily by providing them with a unique platform and distinctive services.

Because you may not know that Android is the most popular operating system on mobile devices all over the world.
Because in this way you can fully customize the experience of users using Android .
You can interact and communicate with users who use Android devices in real time .
The costs of an Android app depend on the complexity of the app and any integrations.
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